Transatlantic Female Forum aims to strengthen the cooperation between Germany, Europe and North America. The visibility of women and their networking as well as promotion of diversity in the fields of business, politics, science and culture should be achieved by the TFF initiative. The forum offers a platform for open dialogue, different perspectives and discussions. This is conveyed with events, research projects, symposia and study groups in the German-American Dialogue. The Forum also receives further content through digital conferences and coaching programs. The members of the Forum enrich the transatlantic cooperation of international women in different areas of life with their expertise.

TFF – Transatlantic Female Forum

  • Works on women´s communication, connection and community

  • Encourages women to get involved and aim their goals
  • Is creating a platform for women to share their voices

  • Demonstrates the impact of more diversity in business-, science-, culture and political leadership

  • Optimizes exchange of knowledge and increases visibility
  • Works to build a brighter future for women´s generations to come
  • Organizes gatherings of female business women, artists, politicians and leader in social projects who discuss transatlantic challenges

Andrea Steinert


Andrea is a lecturer and coach at various universities. For 10 years, she was the managing director of the political think tank Innovativkreis NRW liberal and was director of Amerika Haus NRW. As author of the book “The Future is Waiting for you”, she is committed to the advancement of diversity in business and politics on a transatlantic level. Through her four-year stay abroad in South Africa and her professional activities in Japan, she has experience in international exchange. Through her many years of experience as a guest lecturer in the USA, work at Amerika Haus and her membership in the American International Woman’s Club, her personal mission is to support women in their professional development and visibility. Her goals are the exchange and intensification of transatlantic relations as well as the development of common ground and the strengthening of democratic ideas.


The free thought of the West is the basis for the development of women’s rights. Forums like the TFF are needed to help shape the transatlantic reboot and give women a weighty voice in the process. Therefore, the Transatlantic Female Forum serves a dual and important purpose.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, German Federal Minister of Defense

I applaud the TFF initiative wholeheartedly, especially in these challenging times. TFF provides an important platform to strengthen German-American relations by giving women a greater voice with respect to issues of common concern . The platform will give women an additional opportunity to exchange experiences, network, and mentor each other.

TFF offers an inclusive and interdisciplinary space that enables women to engage, empower and support other women. The international lens with a focus on European and German-American relations provides a platform for female leaders and professionals to facilitate dialogues impacting strategy and policy across various spheres. I am delighted to be a part of the Transatlantic Female Forum and its work in the coming years!

The TFF platform enables women to network and exchange interdisciplinarily on the European American Axis to empower, support as well as recrute and mentor women during these demanding times.

Personal Motivation: I feel highly honoured to join the Transatlantic Female Forum and share Gender Medicine and Gendered Health Care practice and knowledge during the next decade(s). Women should become part of a fair play.

Many thanks to the founder Andrea Steinert!

There are many platforms that invite women to network. There, too, the focus is on science, business, education, careers and culture. But one has to search for female networks that explicitly focus on international cooperation and exchange between Europe and the USA.
The TFF can change that. Right now, with the new political beginning in the USA, we have the chance to support new developments. I bring more than 40 years of
international experience to the TFF and would like to share it with others. I also look forward to inspiration and new perspectives.

Doris Krüger, Lifetime Explorer, (Until 2018 Senior Director Innovation Strategy Lufthansa Group und Member of the Supervisory Board Lufthansa Group)

Being actively involved in the TFF means to have access to a diverse network of female professionals in the transatlantic community. Supporting and learning from each other is one of the key characteristics of the TFF while also shaping the restart of the transatlantic relationship. Now it’s more important than ever to engage in a constructive transatlantic dialogue and rebuild a diverse transatlantic relationship. I’m honored to be part of this process and look forward to actively contribute to the TFF’s  work!

Katharina-Luise Kittler, Head of Communications and Government Relations at AmCham Germany

There are still too few  women in top jobs, especially in management worldwide. Gender inequality persists in terms of access to the job market but also in roles women play when they trying to combine work and motherhood. I’m exited to be part of this community to change perception and to be a role model for future generations of women.

“Real change in mentality will come, when nobody, male or female, questions the legitimacy of a woman holding a position of power”. (Quote from Mrs. Lagarde, President ECB)

Sandra C. Bauer, Partner Deloitte Consulting

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